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Build your low cost gravel and commuter bike

It's the saga of Craigslist. You have a great perfect condition road bicycle to market. You ask a fair price. A few calls come in, most often the caller throws out a low ball offer, maybe 50% of asking price.

You don't need to give the bike away. You may not need the cash.

Consider re-purposing. You already own an excellent commuter and gravel bike. Think your bike is too low end, not good for the purpose?

Wrong. In most cases less expensive bikes are build with heavier parts, which means they are stronger. Heavier wheels = better ability to absorb commuter bumps and gravel roads.

A few simple modifications and you'll be rolling for transportation or logging road expeditions.

Here's my 2011 model Specialized Roubaix. I rode it for several seasons as a serious piece of road equipment. A few buyers offered up a few hundred dollars, so I went in another direction.

1) Added 700 x 28 Continental Gatorskin tires. Gatorskin tires wear like iron and you can trust them in off …

Stay strong? Consistency is the key

Several years ago, I purchased a Total Gym. It's the entry level model, priced about $200 at big box retailers.

I purchased mine for $50 on Craigslist.

Small spend, big return using this machine.

Some have called Total Gym an infomercial scam, but I will tell you, that it is not.

The Total Gym allows to pull your own body weight on the slant board. More slant, greater resistance. You create a variety of exercises. My personal workout has nine (9) different variations, 30 reps for eight variations, then 45 reps for the abs.

I own several expensive bicycles. I enjoy them. But when it comes to health and fitness I'll vote for the Total Gym.

I'm not going to the gym, I don't push big plates low rep to exhaustion. I don't plan on circuit training, either.

As we age, strength training is key. That is, strength training and consistency.

That's where I advocate for Total Gym.

Fifteen minutes a day.

You'll regain balance, carry your body well, tighten up loose musc…