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Bump start your running

If you've been running for a while, maybe 30+ years like me, there will be good stars and abrupt stops.

Being a consistent every day athlete isn't for everyone. When I formed the Master Competitor brand, it was about being inclusive and encouraging everyone to keep going, at any pace. No shame, only someone to come up alongside when you might need a friend.

I hit a dead stop a while back. Bailed on running completely, convinced myself I was old(er) and it was appropriate to be a walker. Nothing wrong in that, but it didn't keep my motivation engine pumping. I stalled out.

So as has happened so many times before, it was time to rebuild. I always need a jump start, and for me, that most times comes in the form of shoes. My body needs maximum cushion so I am Hoka all the way.

I purchased Stinson 3 ATR, Mafate and the new Bondi 5. You can check the models out here. To max to the highest level, I go with the Dr. Scholl's sport inserts. Now it's the new runner version. S…