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Transfer addiction?

Running is beneficial.

Running can transition you into new social circles.

Running is (can be) an addiction.

Are you a transfer addict? Taking one addiction, setting it aside, then carrying your addictive psychology into running?

It can happen. And it's not always a bad thing. It's the next best substitute.

I was (am?) an ultrarunner, since the Vermont 100 mile in 1989. That's a long time. Through low points in my personal and business life. I remained an ultra marathon man. And as times grew even more challenging, my identity to ultra increased. It was my "safe place" where if I suffered enough, I could control the outcome.

There are many ex-drug addicts in ultra. I'd suggest a 30 hour trail run may be better than the heroin needle in one's arm, or cocaine up one's nose.

No addiction is a good addiction, but for many, it's a demon we can't always avoid. Running can be that oasis where you can regroup, reform, then face the next battles in lif…