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Calories don't (yes they do) count

Have you been tracking the diet gurus? Hearing that if you're eating non-processed foods, eat as much as you want? Go nuts on the plant foods?

Some will argue that if you're eating clean, calories don't count. I'm here to debate that strategy.

For your initial weigh loss, when you're tracking well and headed towards your goal, count calories.

This is how it works: There are quite a few foods that can pack on the pounds. Let's say you are targeting a loss of two pounds a week and after you do your own calculations (read Mind Over Diet)
you determine 1500 calories a day is best. You are on track, but based on the guru talk, you plan to indulge in an extra pile of "good" food.

5 carrots = 25 cals per = 125 calories
soaked chia seed = 60 cals per tablespoon = 240 calories
brown rice = 218 per one cup cooked x 2 cups = 436

Great meal, clean eating. But you just dumped 801 extra cals onto your waistline. This is where you'll get sideways with yourself, …

Kindly Kitchen "Fresh Honest Local Food"

At the end of an exceptional day, one should reward oneself with an exceptional meal. That's exactly what I accomplished by going to Kindly Kitchen in Boone, NC.
It's s fun, warm, welcoming place that lives by the Mantra "Fresh Honest Local Food." Love and care goes into every meal, it's authentic to the message.
There are four stages of salad building:
1) Greens and/or grain offering 2) Choice of vegetables 3) Choice of custom made dressings 4) Final toppings

See photo above, I concocted a salad comprised of greens, brown rice, roasted potatoes and corn, sweet and spicy nectarine dressing and flax chips. There is excellent coaching and advising as you go down the line.
This goes for $9.75 in the evenings, $9 for lunch. What's fun is that the post their daily menu...seldom the same, check it out here:!daily-menu/tmshb.
They're at 659 West King Street...come up the external back stairway to the door on top...enter go right …