Friday, January 22, 2016

"Most efficient" strength training on Total Gym

It's a snow day in the North Carolina Mountains. Looking at 12" to 18" of the white stuff in the next couple of days. So what's a prof to do? Thought I'd self-producea video on my latest strength and fitness routine and share it as part of my "Most Efficient" series.

I'm sold on the Total Gym. This simple piece of equipment makes it easy to get a great upper body strength workout in 15 minutes. This has resonated for me, a better fit than all the exercise stations at the gym. Four major positions with 11 motions. Get 'er done and get the results.

Hope you like the video. I have added extra content on how to control the slant board...that can be a problem with those who have balance problems. It's my goal to encourage everyone to make positive changes and enjoy the health and fitness lifestyle.

I'm one month into my new plan for 2016 and it's going well. I'm starting to get that bright inner light and when I'm at my best, I can be my best when I help and support others.

Well, I better go. There's a pair of snow shoes under the guest bed that need a little workout...


  1. I need one of these. Looks great!

  2. What about lower body on this machine? I have bad knees and ankles and I have been looking for something other than treadmill, elliptical and recumbent to strengthen them. I really like the shuttle system they have at Physical Therapy but they are commercial pieces and cost around 5G. Any ideas?

    1. Margo there are leg attachments and several exercises for the lower legs. Check this out.
      I don't do legs on mine because I do other exercises and walk a lot.

  3. Thank You Thomas for the link and responding to my question. Good info. Think I may purchase the Total Gym XL7 at Sams Club. I've been unable to find a used one around here. Thanks Again!