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Nothing to see here, folks

It's been a long time since I've been active on my blog. To be honest, I got tired of putting in the work, creating content, with so little feedback or response. Time to divert to other things...such as my new fiction book, coming out soon. Part horror story, part steamy romance. You'll definitely want a copy.

There's another reason I haven't been posting. My endurance spirit is broken.

Some medical issues, some sadness is loss of speed. I don't have much range left in my pulse rate and I have put on a blob of weight.

I "ran" my 10 mile loop this 2:18. Is that ugly, or what? An overall fatigue follows the run. I remember a few years ago, I'd bang it out in straight 9's for a 1:30 - and at that time had a long section of medium effort trail included, too.

It's the new normal. It's age appropriate. I'll be 59 in two weeks. Let's get real.

Rode my mountain bike Sunday after church. Don't know what I hit but I went over the bars. Front wheel and bars did a complete 360 degree spin. It looked like one of those BMX tricks, but it wasn't. In this case, a fat man hit the ground. Injured hand and knee.

It's the new normal. It's age appropriate. Less reflexes, less balance.

On the up side I bought a Total Gym. You may think it's an infomercial gimmick, but I'll beg to differ. Minute for minute, it may be one of the best exercise routines available. Stay tuned for my YouTube on Most Efficient Total Gym Technique.

So there you have it. A bittersweet update. Maybe I can make yet another comeback, maybe not. But until I know, I changed the masthead photo from my ripped form to this tranquil shot of the Boone greenway. Just resurfaced, so wonderful.

God bless, let's be thankful for all that's within our grasp.


  1. Okay. This is one of the rare times that I will agree with you in regards to your fitness. 2:18 is not a good 10 mile time - for you. It would be a terrible time for me, as well, and I'd feel the same. I get your feelings of sadness due to lack of speed. I recently looked up 5K times for women in my age group and I sank. My age group is STILL fast. I would really have to get out there and train for a 5K...for the first time...and I find 5K's horribly painful. I am running, but really going nowhere. I am stuck at a pace and a place. My plan is to start running as many 5K's as I can in order to get some speed back. I am sure the first few will be ugly. Sooner or later, you'll have a "come back" post. It maybe different from past stories, but it will be positive and exciting all the same. You are not one to settle...


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