Friday, May 02, 2014

"Mind Over Diet" on Running in the Center of the Universe podcast

A good friend in the marketing and advertising business told me that if I published my book, it's all about the marketing plan.

I took that advice to heart. "Mind Over Diet" is attaining initial sales on Amazon and I supported the launch as a guest on Ashland (VA) Dave's Running to the Center of the Universe podcast:

I love Dave's show and it's down home, old school attitude in ultra and endurance sport scene. Dave brings the discussion to his readers with style and enthusiasm. It's also great fun when he gets into the "mail bag" and unpacks updates and reports from listeners.

And it wouldn't be the same without Dave's traditional sign off every show - the National Anthem.

So if you're interested in a 30 minute wild ride on torched feet, 28 hour 100 milers, and the best nutrition and fitness plans ever created, give it a listen:

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