Friday, May 09, 2014

Paris and plant based diet

So, for something completely different, I wrapped up my semester at Appalachian State and transitioned to Paris.

International travel always drives me to embrace and engage new opportunities for change. In true Mind Over Diet fashion, I needed a reboot. I was leaning into veggie Paleo and started down that path; after several mornings of hard boiled eggs and cheese I just wasn't feeling the love.

It's a digestive thing. The food products were too dense, didn't process well, and bound up in my digestive tract.

Check out this shot from today's open air market, near Place D'Italie. Wonderful, fresh, quick-through-the-system options.

And, the fresh bread here is fabulous. So the no-grains edict will also fall by the wayside.

I remain convicted in leaning into the path that works best for me, during the time and environment I exist in. Plant based eating is clean  and I'll combine that with my favorite - smoked salmon baguette sandwiches . So I'll sign off now so I can load up my backpack with some of the local produce.

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