Thursday, April 03, 2014

Oak Mountain 50K + 2

It's been a while, life got in the way of my blog posts.

Shame on me, so I'm going to play a bit of catch up and pepper you with master competitor updates. They may be short and sweet, but I hope useful in your own fitness and nutrition planning and execution.

A couple of weeks back, I finished the Oak Mountain 50K + 2.  I had to rename the event for your benefit, in that the event does play out at 33 miles. When you're my age and my speed, two extra miles is a ton!

I truly enjoy Oak Mountain State Park. I mountain bike there quite a bit and know the main trails. But the ultra is a different game. At one point, we were hand over hand rock climbing over the crest of a waterfall. That surely will reduce your minute-per-mile pace.

A confession: I'm directionally challenged, daydream too much, and get lost. Here's a big shout out to my two trail partners on the day, CeCe and Rob:

We made quite a day of it, talking, tell tall tales, and most of all, staying on course! The route was well marked, but you still have to know what direction to head going out of the aid stations.

Met some great people on the course. When you run in back, it's all about fun and the experience. We did see one guy looking pretty rough, swaying on the course. Guy was wearing a pair of those toe-shoes and all I could think about was all the rocks I kicked. He asked me if were were almost to the finish and I had to break it to him easy...there were over six miles to go at that point.

Our trio wrapped it up in 8:51. Slow and easy, that's what we're about at this stage of life. I'm 26 years into the ultra game and Rob, he's about 30+. We're still out there, still seeing the enjoyment that derives from the sport.

In addition to the race itself, the ROI was excellent. A small gear bag, custom drinking glass for finishing, a long sleeve T, and big time after-party with food and drinks. All for around $40. Still old school prices. And to cap it off, one of the race organizers gave me one of the left over short sleeve volunteer shirts. I always have been a value shopper.

A great ultra, nice promoters, old school feel, reasonable price, good friends. The good Lord put a gem in my pocket on yet another day.

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