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Ten winter running techniques that are crucial to survive

I'm wrapping up 11 days in central Wisconsin. That means my only exercise outlet is running. So, for most all of the days here, I cranked out 10 milers. Here are a few relevant suggestions if you plan to put yourself through the winter torture test:

1) Balaclavas will become your best friend. Wear it always. You can pull it up over your face or down around your neck, as needed. There is some comfort in having a completely covered head and neck when it's chill factor zero or below.

2) Get ready for trashed feet. The surface is perpetually uneven. Semi-shoveled sidewalks, plowed snow mounds across your path, slushed-up roads from's all there, all the time. Try using a shuffle mode, as that will scrape your shoes off as you go.

3) Embrace patience. I noted that there was a 20%-30% slip on every footstrike. My 10-milers were taking two hours. Set the day's mileage in your brain, get started, then throw the elapsed time stats out the window.

4) Realize that some …

Rob and Tom are poster boys

Well, it finally happened. I always dreamed about being featured on the cover of a magazine.

This is as close as I will probably get.

Check out the image for the 2014 Charlotte 50K. That race was a blur in my drifting mind (did the inaugural run in 2012). It all came back to life when my ultra buddy Rob Apple let me know we were poster boys for the event!

Gotta love it. But of course, the photo brought back memories of rain and wind and that relentless out and back on the greenway.

Of course, what's most interesting is that Rob is going on to ultra greatness, now focusing his effort on major Euro events. Me? I'm a gym rat and yoga pretzel.

Life is funny like that; we walk divergent paths.