Thursday, September 05, 2013

Hero update: The Ironman rises

Some of you may have noted my earlier post, regarding running advocate and all-around good guy Jay Erwin, who was critically injured when a tree fell on him.

Almost two weeks have passed and none of it has been easy for this outstanding man. On August 27, rods were implanted in Jay's back, to gain stability and overcome his injured vertebra.

Then on September 3, the procedure to rebuild his crushed shoulder was finally accomplished. Jay's wife Lisa reported via Facebook:

 "Jay made it through shoulder surgery today. He went in at 11:30 am and came out at 5:30. He was under 6 hrs. He has a new rod on his collar bone with 10 screws and 3 plates and 14 screws on his shoulder. He is now my official 'Iron Man.' It is now 10:30 and he is in his room but the trauma doctors r keeping a close eye on him. He has been thru the ringer."

Compassion is flowing towards Jay, Lisa and their two children. Whatever defined life prior to that tragic day has now been replaced with the slow and painful path towards recovery. At present, there are as many questions as answers regarding timelines and rehab.

One thing is for sure, Jay is a true Ironman. I'll fall in line with Lisa and state that this Ironman is channeling his heart and soul into the days ahead. He's a man of character, and a man of God.  I'm sure he's reaching out for peace and strength.

We can't truly understand Jay's journey. But we can love him and care and let his family know that many of us have been touched by his fervor for running, friendship, and the fun he brought to all who crossed his path.

Jay, we're looking forward to seeing you again...soon.


  1. Scott B.6:29 PM

    I met Jay at the Chase For Cupid's Arrow 5K in February.

  2. Thanks for the update. Good luck to Jay and his family -