Monday, August 26, 2013

My hero has fallen

Had a wonderful almost-fall day yesterday. Hiked up Profile Trail to the crest of Grandfather Mountain, then further north on Daniel Boone Trail.

I came home to bask in the afterglow, but instead noted a Facebook post that stated one of my running heroes, Jay Erwin, had been injured in a terrible accident. A tree limb fell on Jay and at present, he is paralyzed.

Jay was a driving force behind launching the Boone Running Club. You just can't help but like this guy. Jay got into running just a few years ago and his new found passion is infectious.

I have enjoyed Jay's company both during jogs and at social events. He's a totally inclusive human being and wants everyone to find the joy that running brought into his life. He's also inquisitive, wanting to learn every nuance about the running sport.

I'm not the only one who holds affection for Jay Erwin. The guy's Facebook page is lit up with comments. He's a man with many friends and few enemies. Many are posting stories about how Jay has impacted their lives, with offers of help and support.

Jay has a long journey ahead, including surgeries and rehab. I wish I knew how to ensure to a positive outcome, but I don't. All I can pray is Dear Lord, give him strength to embrace each day.

Jay, we love you, bro.


  1. Well stated & a very nice write up!

  2. Lise' Phillips10:15 AM

    This is beautifully said. Jay is my nephew and I am grateful that he has such good friends and loving support.

  3. I am a DailyMile friend of Jay's and just found out. I am so sad to hear this. Jay and his family are in my thoughts and prayers.