Monday, August 05, 2013

Dollar General drink supplement is AOK

When it comes to endurance sport, I'm a price point shopper.

Anyone who is into the game knows that supplements are promoted with vigor and that some athletes spend hundreds a month for drinks, additives and herbs.

Not so for master man. I like to keep my body optimized, but  not with a suctioning sound every time I open my wallet.

Here' a little gem you might want to try. Dollar General stores are heavily promoting their own line of products under the Clover Valley brand. I came across their sport drink "liquid water enhancer" and gave it a try.

I liked the outcomes for two specific reasons: Yummy and cheap.  A bottle is $2.50, way less than the competitors and this stuff delivers the essentials - a bit of electrolyte and a Vitamin B bump with zero calories to boot.

Squirt to taste and enjoy.

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