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My hero has fallen

Had a wonderful almost-fall day yesterday. Hiked up Profile Trail to the crest of Grandfather Mountain, then further north on Daniel Boone Trail.

I came home to bask in the afterglow, but instead noted a Facebook post that stated one of my running heroes, Jay Erwin, had been injured in a terrible accident. A tree limb fell on Jay and at present, he is paralyzed.

Jay was a driving force behind launching the Boone Running Club. You just can't help but like this guy. Jay got into running just a few years ago and his new found passion is infectious.
I have enjoyed Jay's company both during jogs and at social events. He's a totally inclusive human being and wants everyone to find the joy that running brought into his life. He's also inquisitive, wanting to learn every nuance about the running sport.
I'm not the only one who holds affection for Jay Erwin. The guy's Facebook page is lit up with comments. He's a man with many friends and few enemies. Many are post…

Plant based rocket fuel

I owe a big master man shout out to Brooks ID team member Mike Salkowski, for turning me onto this new source of rocket fuel.

There's no doubt that if you want to get ripped and shredded with an almost perfect plant source, you have to check out the Vitacost brand Plant Protein.

Here's the company pitch on this product:

Vitacost Plant Protein Vanilla Description

Easy-to-digest, natural vanilla flavored nutritional drink supplies 22 grams of non-GMO plant protein per serving. Ideal for vegetarians, vegans or anyone looking for a dairy/meat-free protein source.

What is Vitacost Plant Protein?

Vitacost Plant Protein is a great-tasting, natural vanilla flavored drink mix that provides 22 grams of protein from non-GMO plant sources. Ideal for vegetarians, vegans or anyone looking for a dairy/meat-free protein source, Vitacost Plant Protein is easy to use—simply mix with cold water and stir or shake to desired consistency.

Unlike animal protein, plant protein is low in saturated fat and…

My daily run: Guy with a rifle and gummy bear breast implants

Well, it wasn't a normal, or natural, running experience this morning.

I don't want to stereotype old men with long gray beards and heavy flannel shirts when it's 90 degrees outside, but an old man with a long gray beard and flannel shirt was carrying a rifle in the Birmingham Botanical Garden this morning.

I wasn't sure if he was on safari for critters in the woods, or if he'd put one in my back as I ran by. I gave him a friendly smile and a robust "hello" as I jogged past and around the bend. I stopped the first gardens employee I could find and reported the incident, then ran far and fast into the other end of the acreage.

Steamy, hot running takes a different mentality. The humidity presses down around your body and sweat flows freely, through soaked singlet and short, down the legs, and into socks and shoes. The heart rate escalates as the pace slows. I'm doing my standard 10 mile loop but it's down to around 11.5 minutes per mile. No shame i…

Lead or follow? The best advice for endurance sport success

I was able to successfully implement a bit more value shopping as part of my endurance sport lifestyle. Found an individual on Craigslist who was selling a hardly-used pair of Bontrager mountain bike shoes. I picked them up for about 1/3 of retail, then proceeded to enjoy them during a long ride in Oak Mountain State Park.

I was unstrapping the shoes after my outing and noted a strange edict embedded in my shoe. Look closely and note the verbiage imprinted on the strap guide.

Nothing personal against the Bontrager folks - I really do like your products - but I'll respectfully take issues with the "Always Lead, Never Follow" mantra. On many occasions it just doesn't work and I'll tell you why.

1) There have been more than several ultra events, where the jack rabbits go off the front at the start. Sometimes it has been naval cadets, on other occasions ripped and shredded 20-somethings all full of yellow stuff and vinegar. A few miles from the finish, I'll spot…

Dollar General drink supplement is AOK

When it comes to endurance sport, I'm a price point shopper.

Anyone who is into the game knows that supplements are promoted with vigor and that some athletes spend hundreds a month for drinks, additives and herbs.

Not so for master man. I like to keep my body optimized, but  not with a suctioning sound every time I open my wallet.

Here' a little gem you might want to try. Dollar General stores are heavily promoting their own line of products under the Clover Valley brand. I came across their sport drink "liquid water enhancer" and gave it a try.

I liked the outcomes for two specific reasons: Yummy and cheap.  A bottle is $2.50, way less than the competitors and this stuff delivers the essentials - a bit of electrolyte and a Vitamin B bump with zero calories to boot.

Squirt to taste and enjoy.