Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gritty bike? A 15-minute solution

I completed the Roan Moan metric century bike ride yesterday (see blog above) and as part of that event, we were hammered with rain, road grime and gravel.

My bike was a squeaking, creaking, piece of carbon and metal at this finish.

Usually, I go for a light wipe down and then some lube, but in this case the bike's moving parts were embedded with fine grit that inhibits shifting and smooth power transfer. I searched the Internet for examples of bike cleaning. In the past, I'd been turned off by the thought of a 3-hour ordeal to do a complete once over.

No more need to worry. Check out this great YouTube video by Clint Gibbs, who demonstrates how to get 'er done in 15 minutes. Thanks Clint!

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