Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cushioned minimalism in Brooks PureCadence 2

DISCLAIMER: I am  Brooks Inspire Daily athlete. I receive Brooks promotional products.

In my ongoing quest to train in all things Brooks, it's time to comment on the PureCadence 2, a key player in the Brooks PureProject line.

Here's the Brooks back story on the PureCadence:

With lean construction and a responsive fit, the PureCadence rethinks how support technology is engineered. Features like the internal PDRB (Progressive Diagonal Roll Bar) help prevent overpronation without added parts and the wide Nav Band holds your foot like an endless hug. Add fresh looks and some street cred, and this featherweight friend will run footloose and fancy-free with you.

You read it here first...I want to coin a new phrase "cushioned minimalism." I have come partial circle on the minimalist movement and running 50-60 miles in the PureCadence brought me into a new understanding.

I believe that when the minimalist movement launched, many of us threw the baby (cushioning) out with the bathwater (heavy trainers with jacked up heels). Everyone migrated to what could be termed bedroom slipper running, or something similar.  Now, Brooks has brought a bit of sanity back for those of us who run bigger, heavier and with a slightly higher impact foot strike.

I like these shoes. This fit is good and I can settle into a low heel drop configuration, coupled with lightness and a footbed that feels cushy all the way from heel to toe. A lighter shoe promotes a higher engagement with one's running experience; I'm conscious of a gentle touchdown with the pavement that dissipates across the entire bottom of my foot. This isn't about heel or forefoot strikes, but rather a shoe that allows for a natural form and also delivers consistent padding.

What I love about the running sport is that we progress through new theory and technology. I'd suggest the PureCadence 2 as a great introductory model for those of you who'd like to try minimalist, but without the beating and banging that may come through more wispy options.

I'm trying to get my game back on as it regards running and shoes like PureCadence make me enthused about my future. Hope you give a pair a try.

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