Friday, June 07, 2013

A song mix that's good for the soul

One of my favorite podcasts for fast-paced running tunes is Motion Traxx. I have the site synced to my Zune and came across a recent feed called "Walker's Delight":

However, when I came to the last third of this song mix, I was taken aback by the wonderful lyrics and music that followed. I adhere to the Christian faith and this 10 minute segment brings it all to life while I'm jogging.

For those who are interested, I edited out the segment for download here:

I listen to this mix most every morning.  The intro helps me get into my pace (currently around 10 minute miles) while I sift through my state of mind and day ahead.  Then I move through the following phases:

Adoration (God is good)
Contrition (Giving up my weak points)
Thanksgiving (I'm heavy up on this one)
Supplication (what I ask for myself and others)

I also like to let the lyrics play into my brain. Sometimes it brings me to a point of fist-pump into the air, a true jubilation that I seldom find in life.

Sometimes a run becomes more than just physical activity. And devotions aren't only possible while sitting on the couch. Maybe "Walker's Delight" can be helpful for your meditation, too.

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