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Cliff Young: Pioneer of the ultra shuffle

While traveling in Australia, I had the privilege of viewing a rewarding television reenactment on ABC1 (similar to U.S. PBS programming).

The special paid tribute to Cliff Young, who at 61, entered the 1983 Sydney to Melbourne ultra run. This event covered 875-kilometers (544 miles). The five-day event was regarded as one of the toughest in the world.

Here's where it gets interesting. Young was a struggling potato farmer who trained in high-top gum boots, had no professional or corporate support, and had not finished any ultramarathon events. He was mocked and ridiculed prior to the start.

He came, he ran, he kicked ass and won. And after he won, he took his $10,000 prize and gave all of it back to the other competitors. Young became an Australian national hero. His name is still recognized today.

The telling of this tale was rather emotional for me, as Cliff is the pioneer of the ultra shuffle. Anyone who has seen my YouTube video "Most Efficient Running Technique" und…

A song mix that's good for the soul

One of my favorite podcasts for fast-paced running tunes is Motion Traxx. I have the site synced to my Zune and came across a recent feed called "Walker's Delight":

However, when I came to the last third of this song mix, I was taken aback by the wonderful lyrics and music that followed. I adhere to the Christian faith and this 10 minute segment brings it all to life while I'm jogging.

For those who are interested, I edited out the segment for download here:

I listen to this mix most every morning.  The intro helps me get into my pace (currently around 10 minute miles) while I sift through my state of mind and day ahead.  Then I move through the following phases:

Adoration (God is good)
Contrition (Giving up my weak points)
Thanksgiving (I'm heavy up on this one)
Supplication (what I ask for…