Saturday, May 11, 2013

Warning! Beware of miscreants at dawn

Here's a great piece of advice when running in any unknown urban environment, especially when out of the USA.

I like to run early, sometimes prior to dawn.  When I am going out, the hookers/hooligans/hangover-challenged eggheads are coming out of the bars.

Some of them are angry drunk and looking for a fight, or possibly down on pocket money and intent of relieving you of your cash.

I got roughed up one time in Madrid by some soccer hooligans and it almost happened again this morning. My advice is to run wide from doorways and also around corners. Listen to the conversations and if the tone is adversarial, jog across the street and make get out of range.

It's sad to see, but my day as a runner is beginning when the night life crowd is about to expire. It's not always a fun encounter when our paths cross.

Be careful and stay safe.

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