Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sydney Park Run is fun for all

Here's a great civic event in Australia:  Fun run 5K every Saturday in Sydney Park. Timed and free! I have been to two, will make a third before I leave this great community.

This local fitness enhancer draws about 200 runners of all sizes and shapes. The day begins with group calisthenics; it's always good to stretch a bit and get the blood pumping!

The start area also shares space with a nearby doggie park, where canines are allowed to run free. So if you're the uptight kind, stay calm because you'll be cutting lines around dogs, kids, gaggles of runners, and other pedestrians out on the day.

It's interesting to see the wonderful support volunteers who host this event. It's run much like a pay event in the USA. Start banners at the start and finish line, corner workers, timing officials, and a good attitude by all. Some things are bigger than money.

I made one of the final turns at last week's event and a corner workers said "good effort, mate." I was quite a ways off the back, but for some reason that Aussie attaboy really validated me.

I have learned that running is universal in attitude and camaraderie. Where ever I travel, a short search on the Internet will bring me into the presence of runners who welcome me into their community.

My finest memories are running loops. Now, Sydney Park will become a permanent file on my mental hard drive. It's great to be included and I never take the hospitality for granted.

Thank you Lord for letting me run on yet another day.

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