Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mike Weigold: The "master" of international study abroad

Here's master man, figuratively on top of the world "down under" at the Three Sisters (on left) vantage point within the Blue Mountains.

At right is Dr. Mike Weigold. Mike is my mentor, was a member of my PhD dissertation committee, and is also a visionary for study abroad over more than a decade.

I'm trying to piece this together in a master competitor post, with some connection to endurance sport. What I can profess is that all master's level athletes need a holistic approach to life, incorporating balance that promotes wellness in all aspects of the day.

That is what Mike brings to my game plan. He's a friend who seems to appreciate my presence on his world tours, first as a PhD student and now as a graduate and alumni. Mike allows me to cut running loops and also participate in his "big show" overseas.

Much of what happens can be comical but on other occasions, it's liberating. Mike is associate dean for undergraduate affairs and also a pioneer in online graduate education. He's thinking forward and in the best interests of education.  I like to listen to his rationale for development and implementation of courses and programs. Mike is a glass-is-half-full type of guy, which means he's reaching for what's next, what's better, and what will bring the most value to his institution.

We all need a "Mike" in our lives, someone who will allow us into their portal. It may be in regard to academics, athletics, relational space or on some occasions, needed support. True friends who can serve in these roles are rare. It's great to be on Dr. Weigold's crew and for that, I am grateful.


  1. Tom, this post meant the world to me, but is way too kind. I am very grateful. So please give me a moment to share something about the man behind "Master Competitor."
    I am fortunate that Tom takes time from his professional life to join us each year. Nobody looks after our students like Tom. It comes from something that can't be faked, a deep concern for each student. Tom talks to every one of them, no matter how troubled or difficult they might be. Leadership starts with concern and integrity, and Tom has both in spades.
    Tom, thanks for being part of this. Having you and Heather join us each year is one of the things I am most grateful for.
    Journey On!

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