Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fit all the way...on 7 minutes a day?
According to the New York Times Magazine, our need to build an endurance sport base may be over. The publication cited the American College of Sports Medicine's Health & Fitness Journal, which states that  our own body weight, 12 exercises and 7 minutes a day is equivalent to a "long" run and visit to the weight room:

I'm not buying in all the way, but I do know that as we age, strength training is optimally important for performance. In other words being old, wispy and feeble sucks.

Here's my new strategy for the second  half of summer:  30 minutes less running per day, time I will reinvest in this new strength plan.  I'm going to implement it for time, with slow methodical motions devoid of rep count.

The initial sessions will seem as an eternity. But the resistance and static motion will strengthen and sculpt.  I'm hoping to move this strength show outdoors, also incorporating an exercise ball into the crunches and push ups.  

The nuance of sport isn't always right or wrong, but different. We can embrace each new dimension and develop hybrid applications. Let's be good to ourselves and build the temple with an age-appropriate model.

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  1. Good post! The older I get the more I realize I have to add strength training into my routine. I would rather just run. But if I want to keep running, I know I have to build muscle. Currently I am strength training for hypertrophy so I gain muscle mass and burn more calories. I have found a side benefit has been my running is much stronger.