Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Australia and obesity: Fast moves and thin bodies

I'm starting today's blog with a bit of a shocker...please meet my friend "monster bat."  He and about 10,000 of his friends hang out in the trees in Cairns, then exit into the night at dusk. They are as big as hawks and make strange screeching noises.

Let's talk a bit about obesity...or in the case of Australia, the lack of obesity. It's hard to ignore the fact that after one week running and walking miles of streets, I have yet to see a noticeably overweight person.

Of course, this observation requires more study to truly delve into the facts.  The Australian Bureau of Statistics states:

In the Australian Health Survey, measured height and weight were collected to determine a person's Body Mass Index. BMI based on measured height and weight is considered to be more accurate than self-reported height and weight. See the Glossary for cut-offs for BMI.

In 2011-12, 63.4% of Australians aged 18 years and over were overweight or obese, comprised of 35.0% overweight and 28.3% obese. A further 35.2% were of normal weight and 1.5% were underweight.

The prevalence of overweight and obesity has increased in Australia over time, from 61.2% in 2007–08 and 56.3% in 1995.

Maybe it's the fact I'm seeing the proactive, foot commuters and runners.  I remain impressed with the pace of activity; most all are pushing the pace and achieving max ROI. There is an intention in the effort. Aussies seem to enjoy their meat pies and beer, but that too seems to be imbibed in moderation.

It's a fast, carefree attitude, but that may be driven by the discipline to succeed. When you're doing life in a fit, toned body, it's easier to see that glass is half full.

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