Saturday, April 27, 2013

New video: Exercise less, eat smart and lose weight

I wanted to get this video out for the past few days.  It's about losing control of the pie hole and putting on 20 pounds over the past 10 months.

It's not good and I needed to get into some deep thinking about how my lifestyle led to this blubber attack. I'm in the gym 90 minutes every day; there's no way I should be gaining weight with the routine.

Think it was a bit of Paleo craziness. I got into the "good" nuts and was slamming huge amounts of almonds, along with the other goodies during the day. And, olive oil is good, sure...but a tablespoon is 120 calories.

When I saw the big 179 pop up on the scale I reacted. Pleasure eating has to stop and nutrition has to start. Some of that can seem terrifying.

To that end, here's my latest on YouTube. Hope some of it makes sense for you.

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