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"Runners and Rally Cars" released on Amazon Kindle

It's time to build my digital publishing experience. I'm a big Amazon fan and I'd like to build a business partnership with this marketing juggernaut. To that end, I have released my first short-version book on Amazon Kindle:

"Runners and rally cars: Motivations of the individual vs. team sport experience"

You can check out the book here:

I also have another religion/politics book out on Kindle:

"Adolf Hitler and Martin Luther: Anti-Semitism, Nazi propaganda and the German Lutheran Church"

Link is:

It's a steep learning curve, both challenging and rewarding. There are all sorts of endurance activities; seems like bo…

Shout out: My video promo for Brooks

I wanted to give Brooks Running a major shout out for allowing me to promote their products for the past 20 years.

Many times, we attempt to place a logo or get a mention in a print publication or Internet channel. Thought I'd go one step further and create a personal endorsement for my YouTube channel. Brooks is a top notch manufacturer and marketer.  I'm proud to be part of their crew.

Brooks Pure Connect create an "earthing" experience

I was feeling a bit spunky today after church, so I created a tight running combo for a 10-miler at Moses Cone trails, right off the Blue Ridge Parkway. This time of year, the surface is crushed rock, wash out from flooding, with residual snow and ice.

I cracked out a brand new pair of Brooks Pure Connect minimalist shoes, my new Men's Utopia Thermal tights, and my 1995 Mohican 100 mile wicking top (Brooks product, too).

I felt a bit underdressed off the start, but within a few minutes was into a methodical pace around Bass Lake, then up into the "maze" which eventually comes out at Moses Manor; I then took the descent back to Bass lake around the west side trail and back to my starting point.

The Brooks factory site ( states: "Embrace the ground beneath you with the featherweight feel and pliable flex of the PureConnect 2. This slim and nimble turn-hugger is the perfect fit when you crave less shoe and more freedom. A split toe groove extends tow…

"Postsecret" and its revelations

I really didn't know where to park today's thought, but in all things, there seems to be an endurance sport application.

One of my guilty pleasures is reading the updates on each week (entries are refreshed each Sunday).

According to its website, "PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard."

It's amazing what individuals disclose on this site, in sometimes a harsh, deliberate way. It can be funny, but on many occasions is sad and profound at the same time.  For me, postsecret exposes raw wounds and heightens my desire to be compassionate to all those around me.  For in post "secret" we learn that many evils and demons lurk hidden inside.

For example, check out the post above.  We may have to make some assumptions and bring the pieces together, but I might contend this individual was a tortured soul who bridged the religiosity of "cleansing"…

"Celebrating" my 20th anniversary of Guillain-Barre

It's not top of mind on a daily basis, but as I wrangled the elliptical yesterday it came upon me...this is my 20th year anniversary of the challenge, then victory over Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

If you haven't heard of GBS, join the crowd. I hadn't either until my legs, arms and lungs stopped working. Going into total paralysis and living on a vent tube is a game-changer.  If you'd like to learn more about this nasty little demon, read here:

There's so much to tell about my GBS journey, but I don't want to waste your time - so here's the nickel tour:

GBS is an autoimmune dysfunction. Somehow, my body read the wrong signals and started to eat the myelin sheaths from around my nerves.  No sheaths, short circuit and it's shut down time.

I am 99% sure that my GBS was caused by a flu shot. It's not highly promoted, but 1 in 100,000 get the reaction I did.  So when you're getting that dead virus shot into…