Monday, December 10, 2012

Warrior diet, Christmas eating and bread making

It's been a while since I posted, but that's due to a less than stellar endurance sport effort, a bad back, and seasonal eating habits.

How about all those holiday parties?  I go with the best intention, then end up slamming lemon sugar bars until me teeth hurt.  Hard to graze across a table of yummies and not dig in. Sure I know about all the impulse management techniques, but in the end, it's dessert time!

Heard about this diet on a podcast the other day.  Basically one meal a day, Paleo based content:

Anyone into bread baking?  I experiment with my bread maker and have come upon some most excellent compounds.  Best tricks for me are Pillsbury bread flour (it rises well), olive oil instead of butter, brown sugar instead of white sugar, and now the big deal...and one cup of ancient grains cereal to substitute for one cup of flour.  Here's a link to a vendor who sells the stuff, I go one bulk bag every week:

Anyone else dealing with injuries?  My back has flared again, around the L5/S1's the original MRI scan...note bulge at bottom disc:

I was getting a pretty good rehab going, but then rode my hardtail mountain bike on a nice 2.5 hour jaunt yesterday.  I tried to be gentle.  But hardtails hurt.  So now I'm back to the elliptical each morning with the light upper body weights.  No running for several weeks and I plan to be off for awhile.

Isn't it great to have a community of friends who share the same love for the sport? To the Boone Area Cyclists, Boone Running Club, Brooks ID team, and App State Running Club....thanks for coming along on the journey!

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