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I did something silly at the Salem Lake 30K

If you want low key, low cost and good old fashioned run-club-promoted racing, look no further than events at Salem Lake, near Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

The Twin City Track Club delivers no frills events with a retro vibe; their 30K and 50K runs are growing each year.

This time around, it was rain all day.  We were wet off the start and stayed that way to the finish.  However, temps were in the high 60's, so it wasn't wet and cold.

My race was quite normal, a casual out and back on a course that initially tracks around Salem Lake on dirt roads, then onto the paved greenway path for several miles, then return.

I had my Zune and opted for a bit of Podrunner. If you haven't tried this download, it's excellent. Techno-pop dance tunes, set to a beat runners can enjoy:

On the return leg, I had a bit of gas left in the tank and was able to increase the pace (please understand this means accelerating to a 10-minute mile).  I started…