Monday, September 24, 2012

I learned a new word from the Western States 100 winner
One of my favorite pleasures while running is listening to

There's a new interview posted with Timothy Olson, the guy who started jogging in 2009 and recently crushed the Western States 100 mile with a win and new course record of 14:46:44.

Let that sink in for a moment - 14 hours, 46 minutes, 44 seconds.

In the most recent podcast, Olson is asked about what he hates most during a race.

He responded "when I shart."

I've been an endurance sport runner for 30 years and never knew there was an official nomenclature for the act that combines two bodily functions into one.

For those of you who have endured a sharting event on the trail, you know it can be devastating. For those of you who haven't...beware of that day.

Thanks to Timothy (FYI a new father) for putting a name and face on what might be the #1 trail malady in the nation.

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