Sunday, September 02, 2012

100 mile ultra? Best running program is no running at all

I'm chipping away at my fall teaching responsibilities and trying to say in the groove with running and cycling events.  There's "The Snake" metric century next Saturday, then 30k and 50k runs prior to a weekend cycling tour in Georgia.

Here's my point:  I believe it's more valid to have gas in the tank than (attempt to) achieve improved performance.  Adding long(er) runs will only add a deeper dull in my stumps (i.e. legs) and any sort of speed work will most certainly lead to injury.

I'm convinced the only shot remaining for a 100 mile finished is something completely different.  My yoga instructor tells me my "practice" is coming along well; when I complete one hour of forced stretching I feel invigorated. Swimming also unloads the legs and gives me a fresh, relaxed feeling.

My recommendations for training plan that can take masters + runners to a 100 mile ultra finish is:

1) Focused diet, sub 2000 calories/day with all the right nutrients

2) Easy-stroke one hour freestyle swim workouts x 3/week

3) Stretching yoga one hour sessions x 4-6/week

4) Commuter walking daily

There may be other routes to success, but let's be real.  There aren't many specimens out there who are 50+ and can go the 100 mile distance.  So for the select few who remain, I'd say save the legs, eat fresh, get wet in the pool, and let your sensei be your guide.

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