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Pitch your cycling's time for the "collar"

Just when you thought you'd seen it about an air bag for your head!

Check out this CNN report on the latest in cycling head gear.  You have to get past the supermodel and envision yourself with the stylish neck collar; and when you take that next trip over the bars, this rig is supposed to track your body motion, understand that you're into crash mode, and inflate in 1/10 of a second.

I'm not sure I'd transition into this product, based on its hefty projected price of $600.  But who am I to thwart technological progress?  When you get yours, let me know how it works.

Bicycle tire report turns logic on its ear

Here's an interesting and somewhat controversial report on bicycle tire performance.  If you want to believe that 25cc tires with low(er) pressure run faster than 23cc tires with higher pressure, read on:

Oh, the year ago I blew out my shoulder

Many times, it's best to recognize and reflect on memorable moments during the anniversary date of that special occurrence.

So on this day, I'll give a shout out to a Giant Anthem test bike, Rocky Knob mountain bike park, and a blown shoulder that became a game-changer in master man's endurance sport life.

I was coming off a somewhat similar summer, tons of travel and time away from Appalachian State University.  Upon my arrival back, I was looking forward to aggressive mountain bike adventures, as my pace had quickened...of course, there was only one logical next step, which was to get off my Cobia hardtail and step up to a full suspension 29er.

The seller on Craig's List said he'd meet me at the park; I took several cautious loops around the parking lot, then headed onto the access trail.  Barley a minute in, those hair trigger hydraulic discs got the best of me and locked up both tires.  By the time I reacted, it was too late and I was pitched onto a rock pile. …

I have not posted because I'm torched

To Master Competitor readers:

There haven't been many posts because there isn't much to write about.

I'm torched.  My legs are like stumps. I'm plowing through the 10 milers each morning but they aren't coming easy...even at a pace 15 minutes off what I was throwing down a few months ago.

Maybe it's what happens to most master men (and women).  We lose the fire, physically and mentally, and fade to black.

Or do we?

I'm not of the ilk to roll over and play dead.  There are new ideas in the works, projects that include transitioning my blogs to a centralized content web site, with other digital/video publishing products just around the corner.

I'm also teaching my first online course this coming semester.  So in all of this, there will be an emergence of yet another "me" and that has to include endurance sport performance.  I was thinking about a respite devoted to swimming and yoga; or maybe three hour sessions of roller therapy on my blown leg…