Friday, July 06, 2012

Now I'm shopping "local" for vegan power

I realize that many who are of the vegan persuasion would also adhere to a "buy and grow local" approach to foodstuffs.

That I can understand, so I wanted readers to note that some of my intake may originate at Wal-Mart, while other components come from locally sourced food stands like this unassuming business in Boone, North Carolina.

You not only get fresh (and some organic) locally-sourced foods, but also a bit of chit-chat and good conversation at the check out counter.  I engaged in an interesting discussion regarding the growth of area farmer's markets...and the high costs associated with what has become in some areas a trendy, yuppie, social event. The owner of this establishment was instead trying to keep prices down so that in his mind, the middle-class can afford his products.

I was also told that one of the biggest customer bases at this establishment are students from Appalachian State University.  We are an environmentally aware group of citizens and students not only profess the cause, but also demonstrate through their actions.

Maybe I'm a mix and match food-source individual.  We can all make choices on when and how we shop and I plan to stay aware of cost vs. value vs. economic impact to my community.

So that's all for now, it's time to steam some of these great white sweet potatoes and have lunch.

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