Wednesday, July 04, 2012

My new fad: The Wal-Mart vegan diet

I have been reading/listening to a couple of different ultramarathon authors who lean heavily into the vegan diet. Vegan seems to be all things; a healer, a performance booster, a mind re-generator.

Just as I became jacked about going fruit and veggie crazy, the realities hit home.  All one has to do is shop out some of the recommended products at your local health food store and it's clear that I'll need a second job just to afford this style of eating...every price Chia seeds lately?

So I'm going somewhere into the happy middle.  I'm on the new master man vegan plan and it's a low buck deal at that. Here are some thoughts for you budget minded endurance athletes:

1) Frozen vegetables are known to retain much of their nutrients.  I go for the Wal-Mart great value veggies; the stir fry mixes are a buck 98 and the mixed veggies go for even less than that.  

2) Sam's is great for prices on bags of apples and bananas.  They also have good fresh and frozen vegetable options.

3) Brown rice isn't too expensive and makes a good base with the veggies. I also like to use red and sweet potatoes as a mix with other veggies.

4) Don't ladle on the dressings or sauce...I use Land O' Lakes seasoning
choices to bring a zing to most anything I'm eating. I keep several flavors in the cabinet so that, in rotation, there's a variation in the taste of my foods.  And cooking is rather simple, as I throw most everything in the steamer.

5) I need to move towards more greens, but I hit salad burnout a while back.  Kale is getting high ratings and some suggest throwing a few leaves into the blender with a smoothier.  I should do it, I haven't yet taken that step.

6) Sam's and Wal-Mart also have big bags of frozen fruit; you can mix that with Wal-Mart Great Value drink mix and a bit of soy protein for not only a solid food product but also a substitute for the ice cream and frozen yogurt I used to bang down.

I realize this is just the start of something good, but I have to find a way to get into this vegan craze without emptying my wallet.  We all have to adapt as it's comfortable.  So I'm suggesting you can have you cake (kale?) and eat it too...with my new Wal-Mart based vegan plan.

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