Saturday, July 28, 2012

Aqua Sphere Seal swim mask makes it fun again

Sometimes I get in over my head (for my age) and totally cook my legs.

Ten mile runs in the mornings and hard 25 mile mountain cycling rides in the afternoons has a numbing effect, with little snap left in my performance.

When all else fails, it's time to swim.

I noted these wide vision goggles in a recent Total Immersion swim DVD and they looked inviting.  I ordered a pair on Amazon ($22) and was not disappointed. Instead of the little bug eye goggles I have been wearing for years, this new design fits well, seals out water, and gives a wide panoramic view of the swim pool and surrounding areas.

I'll never be a great swimmer, but that doesn't matter. My days of improving swim stroke are over and now it's a relaxing exercise that unloads the legs. If you haven't been in the pool before (or for awhile) maybe a pair of Aqua Sphere's is the motivator that will put you in the water.

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