Monday, June 25, 2012

Rob Apple is going for a triple 100K vacation in Europe

Here's a shot of my buddy Rob Apple (right) along with old master man at a recent edition of the Rattlesnake 50K in West Virginia.

Rob is all things ultra. This guy is wispy light, training on his Bud Light and tuna fish diet.  I realize he races 1-2 ultras most every weekend, holding the mantra "speed kills" as his most relevant marching order.

But now it's time for the big show.  Rob is headed overseas and is participating in the following major events:

120 km in Italy (Dolomites mountains)
110 km in Switzerland (Alps)
100 km in Italy (Alps)

How's that for a triple slam?  Rob sets the bar high for master competitors.  He keeps a fun attitude about racing, but is serious about his preparation and the ever-more-reachable goal: 1000 ultras before his career is complete.

Rob we'll be waiting from afar, looking forward to your updates and race reports!

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