Monday, June 18, 2012

I lost weight and cannibalized my body

Here's master man in a jovial mood while on tour in Greece.  Life was good as I ate my way back from an all time low of 152 pounds. As with all my international jaunts, I let my guard down and imbibed with ice cream and bakery.  I did some running but nothing like the base I like to carry.  The scale screamed 164 when I returned to the USA.

I was certain that age + weight = slow motion running at ultra events.  Light should = fast so I capped my daily intake at 2000 calories and trained my butt off...literally.

But the truth is that the weight loss trashed my strength.  I was light but so sluggish I'm certain I was leaving a trail of slime everywhere I went.  Just didn't have the snap and the effort was wearing me out.

I'm now somewhere in the middle, running 10 miles a day and eating good/bad depending on my mood. It's time to regroup and determine how to proceed for the remainder of the summer. Jurek's book has me jazzed on my "live" food with a higher raw content. There has to be a plan at this stage of life...and I don't mean running off the back.

If anyone has input on what best fuels an old(er) ultra-trashed body, please drop a comment and we'll discuss.

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