Thursday, June 21, 2012

Brooks Adrenaline GTS: No more tongue creep!

(Disclaimer: I am a Brooks promotional athlete.  I received Brooks products and discounts for the 2012 racing season)

I like to wring max miles out of my running shoes, but it was time to transition into some new models.  I recently broke out a pair of Adrenaline GTS and to date have logged about 80 miles.

According to Brooks,

"The new Adrenaline GTS 11 brings together the shoe's revered fit and feel -- enhanced with a dynamic arch saddle and better conforming materials -- and the custom cushioning and dynamic responsiveness of industry-leading Brooks DNA technology. A match made in heaven is how we think of this noteworthy union. We’re not alone: Runner’s World awarded the Adrenaline GTS 11 "Best Update" in their Winter 2010 Shoe Guide in their December 2010 issue, on newsstands November 9.  One of our wear testers said "I loved the addition of the DNA. They felt so much more cushioned and stable than the 10s. After putting the Adrenaline 10s back on because I wore the 11s out, I really prefer the 11s."

I noted that the GTS 12's have even more features, but there's one major item I have to mention: There's a small loop on the 11's that serves as a lace guide on one side of the shoe's tongue.  It's a small touch, but with that simple more tongue creep!  I noted that on many previous pairs of shoes, the tongue had a tendency to drift hard left or right, no matter how I tied them or tugged on the tongue.  I started asking others and they too suffered from tongue creep; it's not a pleasant malady and thanks to Brooks, we have conquered the curse!

Maybe little things like this seem silly, but many of you who do big miles over the years learn that we get picky and particular about how our gear performs during training and racing. That's my case and  the new Adrenaline's are cushy, supportive, look good, and off me a stable tongue position.

Thanks Brooks, for sorting out the little things...that's why you are a brand deeply entrenched in the running community.

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