Saturday, June 23, 2012

94 degree run sucked metabolic energy out of my body

I'm running in the deep south and got out a bit late this morning...which meant I headed into some hot, humid conditions.

I have surmised that heat running is learning to be comfortable with discomfort.  You never find a sweet spot, instead slow down, adapt and suffer.  I had a few nice wooded sections but in addition many open roads where the sun punched me again and again.

What I like about heat running are the benefits. It makes your mind tough, you know you're a bad dude when you can take the punishment.  I was listening to a podcast with Dr. Mark Cucuzella on Trail Runner Nation; the doc was reviewing his run at this year's Boston Marathon where temps soared and runners dropped like swatted flies.  Cucuzella stated that when we run in heat, our bodies are drawing down on our metabolic energy.  That tells me that metabolic = metabolism and I'm cooking extra calories out of my body while I suffer.

That leads to the photo above. You can check out the good boy food in my life...apples, bananas and of course the Starbucks beans.  But the bad boy needs rewards so I want to turn you on to one of the best values in the USA...Sam's Club food counters. I have learned that if you wink and smile when ordering your ice cream cup, the servers will snap on the to-go dome, then fill it to the brim!  Couple that with a giant all-you-can-guzzle soft drink and you have a exemplary $2 reward for your a heat run.

Bottom line, all running is good and of benefit to the body.  I'll take it at any pace, in any environment.  God is good and He has granted old master man the ability to keep turning out the miles and I try not to take any of it for granted.

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