Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Running to Philopappos, then Garmin got me big-time lost

I held a vague memory of a small park above our hotel in Athens. I found it and ventured up the stone paths, then came upon remnants of a tribute to Philopappos; here's the view I had as the sun broke into the early morning sky.  Not a typical run loop I'm used to and it's the sort of thing one needs to embed in the brain.

From there, things went weird.  I have read up on the GPS function of my Garmin, with the "to location" option.  I was sure that took me back to the point of origin for that run, so I ran with abandon following the little digital arrow.

That took me way of course and got me bad lost.  I soon realized I was turned completely around, so I reverted to my local map and reading glasses (I have learned to carry these essentials with my Epi-Pen in a plastic bag).  What I didn't carry was Euros and that started to scare me, as everyone I asked said I was far from home and needed a taxi, train or bus. I reasoned how bad could it be? Garmin was showing 4.51 miles and that was after running loops in the small park.  I finally came upon a Greek S.W.A.T. team who made sense.  They said "5K" and told me the turns to get me back to the general area of the hotel. It worked and I spotted the hotel to my far left...after a few highways crossings I was back with 8.2 miles in the bank.

We're now on the island of Mykonos.  The running has shifted from urban to rural, more to come soon.

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