Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Run 100 miles on 100% fruit diet? You betcha!

The latest podcast on is one of the best ever. Elite ultrarunner and fruitarian Michael Arnstein talks about how he turned into a rocket man when he changed his diet to all fruit. He's not just blowing smoke, this athlete won the Vermont 100 mile so it's least for him.

This guy has four (4) refrigerators, shops at a wholesale fruit warehouse, brings it home by the van load, and eats his content in a linear fashion...i.e. 25 apples one day, 25 oranges the next, etc.  He's known to hammer an entire watemelon as a nutrition source.

And according to Arnstein, there's another big advantage to his all-fruit program:

Odorless bowel movements.

Hey, I'm just the messenger!  Read about it yourself at:

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  1. That is incredibly interesting. I'll check out the podcast. I also signed up for my first ultra, the Pine Mountain 40 miler in Georgia.