Wednesday, May 16, 2012

PureGrit taking pure thrashing in Barcelona

(DISCLAIMER: I am a Brooks supported athlete. I received promotional pricing and select products for
the 2012 racing season)

Let me make a confession: I'm a non-conformist so it's been a bit hard to buy on to the new minimalist running boom.  Something compelled me to pack my PureGrit for the month-long journey to Greece and Spain; I was vacillating and at 3 am on the day of departure unpacked my bag, replaced the PureGrit with a pair of Ghost...and then promptly removed the Ghost and put the PureGrit back in the bag. One month, one pair of shoes, and a lot of running to come.

But now that I'm deep into play, I have to tell you I'm starting to have a love affair with my well worn Brooks PureGrit. The Brooks site states:

"Just like our core line, we hold PureProject to the industry’s highest weartest and durability standards. Because of their lightweight construction and fewer materials, runners should generally expect shoes from the PureProject line to last approximately 250-300 miles."

These things must be nearing 500 miles and much more of that is on pavement than dirt.  Running here in Barcelona has been brutal; I've been lucky to find sparse patches of asphalt or dirt while most of the paths are cement or hard stone. But through it all, it's just been me and my PureGrits grinding out the 9-10 minute miles.

Also included is a pic of the Barcelona Casual Road Runners after our run last night, through Park de Ciutadella and south to the beachfront.  All good clean fun and it's offered me a chance to do two runs a day.  I did 10 miles am and 6 miles pm on Monday, then 10 miles am and 7 miles pm on Tuesday.  That's racking it up and my old body is getting 'er done on with minimal padding and a dropped heel position.

Here's the master competitor take on minimalist shoes: Over and above the technology, it's adaptation.  I'm jamming my 55-year-old body through the paces and giving it the PureGrit to work with.  It's die or adapt.  My right knee seems to be healing and my right foot - ravaged with tendinitis for over a year - seems to be recovering.

I have eight (8) pair of "normal" Brooks shoes still in the box at home, but I am getting PureProject on the brain.  Good grief if I actually get a minimalist road shoe I might be able to take it north of 20 miles a day!

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