Monday, May 28, 2012

Morfat brand is the key to good vacation living

I was riding a fitness high coming into this latest excursion to Greece and Spain. I had the best of intentions, but new products crossed my path with the best branding I have seen in years.

Why beat around the bush? No need to go low fat, no fat, reduced fat...let's just load it on and bring flavor and satiated happiness to the forefront.

Master Competitor readers, let me introduce you to Morfat. I'm not sure of the official Greek name of this pastry, but it's yummy and rich and that may be based on the fact this product has...more fat.

I'll keep you posted if I spot more options in the fine Morfat line. Always good and full of rich flavor. Never mind the calories, just be assured that if it's Morfat, it's AOK on my Greek diet!

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