Friday, May 11, 2012

Building my run loop in Barcelona
I´ve been out of the groove on posting and hereś the reason for my apology - there was end-of-semester grading to accomplish and then transit time en route to Barcelona, Spain.

There are many historical and cultural sites to digest, but you might understand that for master competitors, itś about forming a respectable run loop. Iḿ not a very good tourist, never have been.  But my travels to many parts of the globe have always been about the run.  Thereś where the memories are incubated.

I busted to the southwest from my hotel and came upon the Arc de Triomf, then south from there to a large city park by the zoo.

Thereś also some egress to the waterway along the Mediterrianien Sea, but I have yet to link together a solid 10-mile circuit. What has been accomplished is that I now have enough bearing so as not to fear getting lost...I carry a pair of reading glasses and city map in a baggie so that I can navigate the streets if needed.

Whatś extra fine is that my Garmin is reading satellites and giving me daily maps of my journey. Once I get a solid loop I will post a visual.

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