Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Brooks Beast haters: Don't throw this shoe under the bus!

(Disclaimer: I am a Brooks supported athlete. I received product from Brooks for the 2012 season)

I was listening to a recent podcast on Trail Runner Nation, where the hosts and guest were speaking about all things minimalist.

Someone mentioned wearing Brooks Beast in years past.  A raucous round of laughs and guffaws ensued, when the guest stated that he hoped the Beast "was in the recycling bin."

I was in the middle of a 10-miler when that comment came into my earbuds and it hit me the wrong way. I have been wearing the Beast intermittently for over 15 years and it's a wonderful shoe that has its place in running for a select consumer group.

Friends and acquaintances have approached me over the decades, to inquire about how they can start a running program. In many cases, I put them into the Beast.  It's a solid piece of footwear that is very stable on the ground...and that's an asset for those who are on the heavy side.  The Beast may seem a bit clunky, but for those who are base building and shuffling through the miles, it's a welcome friend.

Several months ago, Chris McDougall was on campus at Appalachian State and we hosted a trail run.  I was shocked to see the newbies show up, fresh-clad in five-fingers.  I'd venture to say those types of runners will be out of the sport in no's just not the way to create a program.

At times, I'm not proud of the new population in running. We're not inclusive. Minimalist footwear and forefoot strikers don't encompass the entire spectrum of enthusiasts. There's a place for all runners and there's a place for the Brooks Beast within the span of running shoes.

So listen up, haters: Please don't throw the Brooks Beast under the bus.


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  2. Well said, Dr. Mueller. My last pair of Beasts lasted 1,200 miles. Best running shoe I've ever had.

  3. Used the last ten (or so) models of BROOKS Beast over the last 10 years. Some of them still in use. Heavy, stable, durable. But my last modell, the Red one, of lower quality, crashed in less than 10 months!

    (3-4 times a week, 5 - 10km wooden hills, 120kg weight)