Sunday, May 27, 2012

Barcelona coffee and climbing on Delos

I might be forcing this photo but it needed to be featured in a post; this is the anti-Starbucks approach to my morning Joe in Barcelona, served in the context of a quaint coffee shop just north of the Rocafort metro stop.  The magic existed because I became "local."  The friendly barista had this taste and visionary treat ready to present as I walked in the door!

We have transitioned from Barcelona, to Athens, then on to the island of Mykonos.  We are running and hiking in this arid wonderland. Many mornings feature a hike to the lighthouse, while yesterday we took a water ferry to the island of Delos.  That included a hike to the island's highest point. A glance in most any direction creates a picture-perfect view.  It's possible to meditate and conjure  images of what it was like to live on this Greek merchant hub around 600 BC.  Most of the ruins tell the story, much of society directed at a plethora of gods who were worshiped daily.

We were up this morning and did our standard run from our hotel into the city of Mykonos.  It's 5K each way and the roads are narrow and scary.  Buses and cars whip by within inches and many times, it's a several story drop to the rocks below.  Surely heightens the run experience.

Tomorrow we transition to Santorini.  It's a wonderful global journey that offers a reprieve from my normal, micro-managed rituals. But the more things change, the more running becomes the focal point of my experience.  It has become the lens through which I view life.

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