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Run 100 miles on 100% fruit diet? You betcha!

The latest podcast on is one of the best ever. Elite ultrarunner and fruitarian Michael Arnstein talks about how he turned into a rocket man when he changed his diet to all fruit. He's not just blowing smoke, this athlete won the Vermont 100 mile so it's least for him.

This guy has four (4) refrigerators, shops at a wholesale fruit warehouse, brings it home by the van load, and eats his content in a linear fashion...i.e. 25 apples one day, 25 oranges the next, etc.  He's known to hammer an entire watemelon as a nutrition source.

And according to Arnstein, there's another big advantage to his all-fruit program:

Odorless bowel movements.

Hey, I'm just the messenger!  Read about it yourself at:

Morfat brand is the key to good vacation living

I was riding a fitness high coming into this latest excursion to Greece and Spain. I had the best of intentions, but new products crossed my path with the best branding I have seen in years.

Why beat around the bush? No need to go low fat, no fat, reduced fat...let's just load it on and bring flavor and satiated happiness to the forefront.

Master Competitor readers, let me introduce you to Morfat. I'm not sure of the official Greek name of this pastry, but it's yummy and rich and that may be based on the fact this product has...more fat.

I'll keep you posted if I spot more options in the fine Morfat line. Always good and full of rich flavor. Never mind the calories, just be assured that if it's Morfat, it's AOK on my Greek diet!

David Beckham is 37...and his physique rocks!

I spotted this promo shot for David Beckham's shoot for Elle magazine. Read about it at:

The dude is 37. Have to admire whatever fitness/diet he compiles to look like he does. I'd put his body fat at maybe 2%...and the diet must be pure quality calories on top of cardio blasts.

Good to see men who can hold it together as the years tick by.  It's easy to see that north of 30, the journey gets tough.

I need to come off this 30-day international excursion and get back to the plan. The sacrifice is big but the rewards are great.

Thanks David for giving the rest of us the bump we need to keep on the ripped plan in life.

Barcelona coffee and climbing on Delos

I might be forcing this photo but it needed to be featured in a post; this is the anti-Starbucks approach to my morning Joe in Barcelona, served in the context of a quaint coffee shop just north of the Rocafort metro stop.  The magic existed because I became "local."  The friendly barista had this taste and visionary treat ready to present as I walked in the door!

We have transitioned from Barcelona, to Athens, then on to the island of Mykonos.  We are running and hiking in this arid wonderland. Many mornings feature a hike to the lighthouse, while yesterday we took a water ferry to the island of Delos.  That included a hike to the island's highest point. A glance in most any direction creates a picture-perfect view.  It's possible to meditate and conjure  images of what it was like to live on this Greek merchant hub around 600 BC.  Most of the ruins tell the story, much of society directed at a plethora of gods who were worshiped daily.

We were up this morning and …

Running to Philopappos, then Garmin got me big-time lost

I held a vague memory of a small park above our hotel in Athens. I found it and ventured up the stone paths, then came upon remnants of a tribute to Philopappos; here's the view I had as the sun broke into the early morning sky.  Not a typical run loop I'm used to and it's the sort of thing one needs to embed in the brain.

From there, things went weird.  I have read up on the GPS function of my Garmin, with the "to location" option.  I was sure that took me back to the point of origin for that run, so I ran with abandon following the little digital arrow.

That took me way of course and got me bad lost.  I soon realized I was turned completely around, so I reverted to my local map and reading glasses (I have learned to carry these essentials with my Epi-Pen in a plastic bag).  What I didn't carry was Euros and that started to scare me, as everyone I asked said I was far from home and needed a taxi, train or bus. I reasoned how bad could it be? Garmin was showi…

Inaugural Athens (Greece) 13.1 represents solidarity...for runners

Had a great opportunity today and I jumped on it. Our group arrived in Athens Friday and I noted banners around town for the inaugural Acropolis Half Marathon. So this morning, I jogged from the hotel to the starting point and asked at registration if an uninformed American might get a late entry.

There was no hesitation, just full on customer service. I was asked to take a chair where three women walked me through the entry form, got my number and name into the computer, then pinned my number on my shirt! These promoters had every right to jack me two or three times the early fee for late entry, but instead asked for the standard and reasonable amount - 10 Euros. 
Met my new buddy Carlos from Peru before the event.  He too was in town for vacation and took a last minute entry.  Carlos has the good life, he's bopping around the globe doing the "Big Five" marathons...I believe they are Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York. We gathered at the start chute with combin…

PureGrit taking pure thrashing in Barcelona

(DISCLAIMER: I am a Brooks supported athlete. I received promotional pricing and select products for
the 2012 racing season)

Let me make a confession: I'm a non-conformist so it's been a bit hard to buy on to the new minimalist running boom.  Something compelled me to pack my PureGrit for the month-long journey to Greece and Spain; I was vacillating and at 3 am on the day of departure unpacked my bag, replaced the PureGrit with a pair of Ghost...and then promptly removed the Ghost and put the PureGrit back in the bag. One month, one pair of shoes, and a lot of running to come.

But now that I'm deep into play, I have to tell you I'm starting to have a love affair with my well worn Brooks PureGrit. The Brooks site states:

"Just like our core line, we hold PureProject to the industry’s highest weartest and durability standards. Because of their lightweight construction and fewer materials, runners should generally expect shoes from the PureProject line to last approxi…

Barcelona "casual" road runners host mountain run

One often overlooked social media portal is This is a great site to check out if you're traveling anywhere around the globe and would like to check out running opportunities. On this occasion, the meetup link took me to the Barcelona Casual Road Runners and their four times a week run outings.

Last night was an "8k in about an hour" run so I decided to jump on the subway and head over to the start point...three U of FL students accompanied me, so it was a group run within a group run!

The Barcelona folks are a class act...friendly and all inclusive, with plenty of English speaking runners in the group. We participated in the "Monday is Montjuic" run. Here's a quick Wikipedia hit to summarize the area:

Barcelona's Montjuïc is a broad shallow hill with a relatively flat top overlooking the harbour, to the southwest of the city centre. The eastern side of the hill is almost a sheer cliff, giving it a commanding view over the city's harbour …

Art meets bike shop at Pave in Barcelona

Iḿ working out a route of metro and bus lines to find my way to Pave, this over-the-top cycle shop in the far west quadrant of Barcelona.

This is bike as fine art.  Amazing display of cycles and accessories in a curator sort of way.

Iĺl post more if I can locate this amazing place.

Building my run loop in Barcelona

I´ve been out of the groove on posting and hereś the reason for my apology - there was end-of-semester grading to accomplish and then transit time en route to Barcelona, Spain.

There are many historical and cultural sites to digest, but you might understand that for master competitors, itś about forming a respectable run loop. Iḿ not a very good tourist, never have been.  But my travels to many parts of the globe have always been about the run.  Thereś where the memories are incubated.

I busted to the southwest from my hotel and came upon the Arc de Triomf, then south from there to a large city park by the zoo.

Thereś also some egress to the waterway along the Mediterrianien Sea, but I have yet to link together a solid 10-mile circuit. What has been accomplished is that I now have enough bearing so as not to fear getting lost...I carry a pair of reading glasses and city map in a baggie so that I can navigate the streets if needed.

Whatś extra fine is that my Garmin is reading satellit…

Brooks Beast haters: Don't throw this shoe under the bus!

(Disclaimer: I am a Brooks supported athlete. I received product from Brooks for the 2012 season)

I was listening to a recent podcast on Trail Runner Nation, where the hosts and guest were speaking about all things minimalist.

Someone mentioned wearing Brooks Beast in years past.  A raucous round of laughs and guffaws ensued, when the guest stated that he hoped the Beast "was in the recycling bin."

I was in the middle of a 10-miler when that comment came into my earbuds and it hit me the wrong way. I have been wearing the Beast intermittently for over 15 years and it's a wonderful shoe that has its place in running for a select consumer group.

Friends and acquaintances have approached me over the decades, to inquire about how they can start a running program. In many cases, I put them into the Beast.  It's a solid piece of footwear that is very stable on the ground...and that's an asset for those who are on the heavy side.  The Beast may seem a bit clunky, but fo…