Wednesday, April 04, 2012

SlimKicker: Can you "point" your way to weight loss and fitness?

I received a few emails from Christine Chew, announcing the launch of her new web site and app, It's a place for individuals to gather on the web and compete in diet and fitness competitions - based on points awarded for improved foodstuffs and/or sport performance.

Thought I'd share this link with Master Competitor readers...but I must admit, I don't get it.  Can some of you help me understand how winning in a virtual world has relevance? I've been at the game of endurance sport for a long time and for me, the motivation comes from personal effort during morning training sessions, or an extra burst over the crest of a hill during a cycling event.

An essential part of the social media environment is engagement.  I'm having a tough time transitioning from what we do on the roads and trails, to what happens in in cyberspace.  Maybe it's time for me to become a SlimKicker type of dude, but at present I'm too busy getting in shape to "point" out the difference between the two.

If you have an alternative "point" of view, post a comment!

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