Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mike Morton is a Green Beret who crushes 100 milers
Mike Morton is a big name in east coast ultrarunning. He was hotter n' hot in the 90's and the big story was Mike's win at the 1997 Western States 100. He went out fast and the west coast runners let him go...who could hold a pace like that over the brutal Western States course?

Mike Morton could. Went all the way out front to win in 15:40 and set a course record.

There's more to Morton's story.  He's career military, first as a Navy diver from Maryland, then later as an Army Green Beret who deployed many times after the 9/11 attack.  There's a lot about Mike Morton we don't know...and never will.

But what is public is his running prowess. A nagging hip injury and his military commitment took him out of the sport for over a decade...but he came back with all cylinders firing. Here's a quick rundown of the damage Mike inflicted on the ultra community in his last few races:

Umstead 100 mile (NC) - 13:11, overall win and course record
Long Haul 100 mile (FL) - 13:18, overall win
Hinson Lake 24 hour - 163.9 miles, overall win

This guy is 40 years old.

Just listened to a great interview with Mike on Trail Runner Nation:

There's no other angle on this story than full-on inspirational.  We'll have to stay tuned, the Green Beret in this story is headed to the Badwater 135 mile.

More to come as it's reported...

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