Sunday, April 08, 2012

100 miles: What are the essentials to finish?

Here's a pic from the 2001 Mohican 100 mile in Ohio. It was my PR 100-miler, 24:31. I was never able to go sub-24, but I got close.  On that day, it rained the first six hours of the race, which in hindsight kept my pace down and conserved energy for when I needed it late in the race.

I am somewhat of a dork.  Gray Brooks jacket and brown shorts...what's up with that? I'm a bit on the pudgy side but there's one thing you can't see that was very brain.

100 milers are run in the mind.  I am now more fit, 20 pounds lighter, and in some aspects stronger...but the power of my mind wanes.  Not in an intellectual way  but in the "must finish at any cost" dimension.

I'm still toying with the concept of running the Georgia Jewel 100 mile this fall.  I'm initially taking a "start the race and see how things unfold" attitude. That mindset in itself can breed defeat.  One must make the commitment to finish and for me that has to be an all or nothing proposition.

Master competitors must also factor in age and ability.  My body cannot take what it once could so there has to be a logical point in 100 miles when it's continue...or pack for home to save what's left of one's carcass.

I'm not sure where this 100 mile fever will take me but I'm a kinder, gentler person that I used to be.  Maybe eight (8) prior finishes will have to suffice. I must live in the place God has placed me - past, present and future.

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  1. I did a few laps at the Umstead 100 and gained a new respect for 100 mile runners. Trail ultra people are a special breed. made me want to give it a try next year.