Thursday, March 15, 2012

You'll get ripped on 10 minutes a day?

We've all been inundated with advertorial shows on TV; the premise of most is that with very little effort, you can drop massive pounds and look like a ripped free-weight model.

Many programs are bogus, but one that I would suggest gained credibility is Tony Horton's P90X workout plan. This no-nonsense "muscle confusion" regime combined cardio, weight resistance and stretching...many reported solid advancements over 90 days sessions.

If this level of intensity is good, can less be better? Tony is now promoting the 10 minute trainer...all you need is 10 minutes a day and you'll be dropping dozens of pounds in no time...right?

I felt a dull thud hit my stomach when I saw this pitch.  I don't believe any 10 minute workout can attain results and if someone can explain it to me, please post a comment and I'll do a feature report on the outcome.  That said let's do some simple math.  If we developed a total anaerobic motion for 10 minutes, how many calories might that burn?  Three hundred (300) if I'm being generous?  And if we performed that effort for seven days a week, we'd be looking at a 2100 calorie fitness effort.

Tony mentions his diet planning manual, so let's say it's top flight and we can develop a 1500 calorie a day diet. That's almost starvation territory, but with exceptional discipline, it's possible.  Let's say we were eating 2500 a day so now we carved out 1000.

According to the 10 Minute Trainer, we'd get:

2100 calories burned per week via exercise

7000 reduced calories per week via diet and food intake

4900 calorie advantage = approximately 1.5 pound loss per week

That's 6 pounds a month, 18 pounds over 90 days. Not a bad program, but the advantage comes through calorie reduction, not the 10 minute exercise burn. The problem for me is that 99% of the pitch is about the workout plan, not the diet.  I realize much of behavioral change is based on hope and dreams and that's why one clutches to the potential of flailing around for 10 minutes a day and looking shrink-wrapped.

Living on 1500 a day is a different story.  It's brutal, I've been there.  That part is harder to sell.

Comments or opinions?  Please post and we'll discuss.

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