Friday, March 16, 2012

S24O cycling: Can't we pack a bit more into our day?

Been a bit busy at work recently? Family time competing with your endurance sport preparation and events? If you're jammed for time, you may be interested in a new phenomenon in cycling (thanks to my brother Richard for bringing this important trend to my attention). Check out this link from to get the bottom line on this new time saver training plan:

Most of us here have toured on bikes. Maybe everybody. Touring is fine, but it’s often inconvenient to the point of it just not happening. Jobs, families, school, work… it’s time-intensive. Blessed be the frequent bike tourists, good for you if you’re one of them, but you know what’s so much easier and available? The S24O: Sub-24-Hour Overnight.

It’s local bike camping, where you leave after work, ride 1 to 3 hours, find a spot to sleep, and ride home in the morning. It’s minimally invasive to your family and work life. The ride is short, and if you forget some “essential” piece of gear, what’s the big deal? You’ll live through the night without it.

The bike camping gear we offer is the same we use on our S240s. It’s perfect for touring. The selection is small but good. We don’t sell sleeping pads, so get one somewhere else. We don’t sell tents because we can’t find reasonable ones not made in China. We’re not out to compete with REI, anyway, but you can certainly equip yourself almost, but not quite entirely, right here and with confidence.

You get done with a busy day at the office.  Come home and tend to family duties and play with the kids. Around 10 pm when things settle, you bust out on your touring-equipped ride, jam about three hours to 1 am, then pitch your micro-campsite.  Grab a quick five hours sleep, jump up and break camp at 6 am, and burn it for'll be back in time for the kids' soccer game!

Life is getting nuts.  We live in a want it all, do it all society. We are learning to cram and jam it all into one tidy package, but the bag we're shoving it into is ripping at the seams.

Maybe S24O isn't my cup of tea, but don't let me taint your perceptions.  If you plan on throwing one of these rides together, please drop a post and we'll roll out the details.

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